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Checking an Individual Word
Even though PowerPoint 2013 contains grammar-checking capabilities, the grammar check is turned off by default.
To enable grammar checking, see “Setting Spelling and Grammar Options” later in this chapter.
When PowerPoint marks a word as misspelled, it really just means that the word is not in its dictionary. Many words,
especially proper names, are perfectly okay to use, even though they are not in PowerPoint’s dictionary, so don’t
believe PowerPoint against your own good judgment.
Checking an Individual Word
As you work, PowerPoint underlines words that aren’t in its dictionary, plus any potential
grammar errors, with a red, wavy line. Whenever you see a red-underlined word, you can
right-click it to see a list of spelling or grammar suggestions, as shown in Figure 7.3. Click
the correction that you want, or click one of the other commands.
Right-click a red-underlined word for quick spelling advice.
Right-click a word
with a wavy red underline.
For a grammar error, an additional command is available at the bottom of the suggestion
list: Ignore. It only ignores this instance of the potential grammar error.
For a spelling error, two other commands are available:
Ignore All. Ignores this and all other instances of the word in this PowerPoint ses-
sion. If you exit and restart PowerPoint, the list is wiped out.
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