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Setting the Editing Language
those words to be fl agged as possible misspellings. You can enable or disable each custom
dictionary, so you can enable only the dictionaries that apply to the present project.
All spell checks use the main dictionary as well as all of the custom dictionaries that are selected in the Dictionary List section
in the Custom Dictionaries dialog box. To disable a certain dictionary from being used, deselect its check box in the Custom
Dictionaries dialog box.
To create a custom dictionary, follow these steps:
1. Choose File
2. Click Proofing.
3. Click Custom Dictionaries.
4. Click New. The Create Custom Dictionary dialog box appears.
5. Navigate to the location in which you want to store the dictionary. Where you
store it depends on which users you want to be able to access it:
To make the dictionary accessible to all users of your PC, create a new folder on
the C drive called Dictionaries (or anything else you want to call it) and store
dictionaries there.
To make the dictionary accessible to only the current Windows user, store it in
the default custom dictionary location, Users\ username \AppData\Roaming
\Microsoft\UProof , which is where custom.dic is stored.
6. Type a name for the dictionary in the File Name text box.
7. Click Save.
The new dictionary appears in the Dictionary List section in the Custom Dictionaries
dialog box.
All enabled custom dictionaries are checked automatically during the spell-check process, but newly added words are placed only
in the default custom dictionary. To set the default dictionary, select a custom dictionary in the Custom Dictionaries dialog box and
then click the Change Default button, as you learned earlier in this chapter.
Setting the Editing Language
PowerPoint performs spell check using the native language for your copy of Offi ce. For
example, if you bought your copy in the United States, then English (U.S.) is the default
language. It is important that you select the correct country as well as the correct language
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