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Finding Synonyms and Antonyms with the Thesaurus
3. In the Search For text box, type the word that you want to look up, and either
press Enter or click the green arrow icon. A defi nition of the word appears, as
shown in Figure 7.13.
4. Close the task pane when you are finished using the dictionary.
Look up a word in the Encarta Dictionary .
There are multiple dictionaries available; click the Research Options link at the bottom of the task pane to open a dialog box from
which you can select other dictionaries. For example, the English version of Office comes with both North American and United
Kingdom dictionaries, although only one is enabled by default (depending on the country in which you purchased Office).
Finding Synonyms and Antonyms with the Thesaurus
The Thesaurus feature works just like a hardbound thesaurus book. It lets you look up
synonyms and antonyms for a word so that you can make your vocabulary more varied and
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