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Moving around in a Table
7. When you finish drawing the table, press Esc or click Draw Table again to tog-
gle the drawing mode off.
You can create a unique table with the Draw Table tool.
Use Eraser tool
if you make a
Toggle drawing
mode on/off.
Drag pencil to draw a line.
If you need a table that is mostly uniform but has a few anomalies, such as a few combined cells or a few extra
divisions, create the table using the Insert Table dialog box or the grid on the Table button, and then use the Draw
Table and/or Eraser buttons on the Table Tools Design tab to modify it.
Moving around in a Table
Each cell is like a little text box. To type in a cell, click in it and type. It’s pretty simple!
You can also move between cells with the keyboard. Table 8.1 lists the keyboard shortcuts
for moving the insertion point in a table.
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