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Merging and Splitting Cells
the gallery by clicking the up/down arrow buttons, or you can open the gallery’s full menu,
as shown in Figure 8.10.
Apply a table style from the gallery.
To remove all styles from the table, choose Clear Table from the bottom of the gallery menu.
This reverts the table to default settings: no fi ll, and plain black 1-point borders on all sides
of all cells.
The table styles use theme-based colors, so if you change to a different presentation theme
or color theme, the table formatting might change. (Colors, in particular, are prone to
By default, the fi rst row of the table (a.k.a. the header row ) is formatted differently from
the others, and every other row is shaded differently. (This is called banding .) You can con-
trol how different rows are treated differently (or not) from the Table Style Options group
on the Table Tools Design tab. There is a check box for each of six settings:
Header Row. The fi rst row
Total Row. The last row
First Column. The leftmost column
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