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Table Margins and Alignment
You can also double-click between two columns to size the column to the left so that the
text fi ts exactly within the width.
Set a precise size for a row or column.
Distribute Rows Evenly
Distribute Columns Evenly
Table Margins and Alignment
Remember, PowerPoint slides do not have any margins per se; everything is in a frame. An
individual cell does have internal margins, however.
You can specify the internal margins for cells using the Cell Margins button on the Table
Tools Layout tab, as follows:
1. Select the cells to which the setting should apply. To apply settings to the entire
table, select the entire table.
2. Click Table Tools Layout
Cell Margins. A menu of margin presets
3. Click one of the presets or choose Custom Margins, and then follow these steps:
a. In the Cell Text Layout dialog box, set the Left, Right, Top, and Bottom margin
settings, as shown in Figure 8.12.
b. Click OK.
You can set the internal margins on an individual cell basis for each side of the cell.
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