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Applying Borders
Applying Borders
The border lines around the cells are very important because they separate the data in each
cell from the data in other cells. By default (without a table style), there’s a 1-point border
around each side of each cell, but you can make some or all borders thicker, a different line
style (dashed, for example), or a different color, or remove them altogether to create your
own effects. Here are some ideas:
To make items appear to “fl oat” in multiple columns on the slide (that is, to make
it look as if they are not really in a table at all — just lined up extremely well),
remove all table borders.
To create a header row at the top without using the settings in the Table Style
Options group, make the border beneath the fi rst row of cells darker or thicker than
the others.
To make certain rows or columns appear as if they are outside of the table, turn off
their borders on all sides except the side that faces the other cells.
To make certain items appear as if they have been crossed off a list, format the
cells they are in with diagonal borders. This creates the effect of an X running
through each cell. These diagonal lines are not really borders in the sense that they
don’t go around the edge of the cell, but they’re treated as borders in PowerPoint.
When you apply a top, bottom, left, or right border, those positions refer to the entire
selected block of cells if you have more than one cell selected. For example, suppose you
select two adjacent cells in a row and apply a left border. The border applies only to the
leftmost of the two cells. If you want the same border applied to the line between the cells
too, you must apply an inside vertical border.
To apply a border, follow these steps:
1. Select the cell(s) that you want to affect.
2. In the Draw Borders group on the Table Tools Design tab, select a line style,
width, and color from the Pen Style, Pen Weight, and Pen Color drop-down
lists, shown in Figure 8.13.
Use the Draw Borders group’s lists to set the border’s style, thickness, and color.
Pen Style
Pen Weight
Pen Color
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