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Applying Fills
Try to use theme colors rather than i xed colors whenever possible so that if you change to a different color theme
later, the colors you originally chose won’t clash.
3. Open the Borders button’s menu in the Table Styles group and choose the sides
of the selected area to which the new settings should apply. See Figure 8.14.
For example, to apply the border to the bottom of the selected area, click Bottom
Select the side(s) to apply borders to for the chosen cells.
If you want to remove all borders from all sides, choose No Border from the menu.
4. If necessary, repeat step 3 to apply the border to other sides of the selection.
Some of the choices on the Borders button’s menu apply to only one side; others
apply to two or more at once.
Applying Fills
By default, table cells have a transparent background so that the color of the slide beneath
shows through. When you apply a table style, as you learned earlier in the chapter, the
style specifi es a background color — or in some cases, multiple background colors depend-
ing on the options you choose for special treatment of certain rows or columns.
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