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Applying an Overall Table Fill
Applying an Overall Table Fill
You can apply a solid color fi ll to the entire table that is different from the fi ll applied to
the individual cells. The table’s fi ll color is visible only in cells in which the individual fi ll is
set to No Fill (or a semitransparent fi ll, in which case it blends).
To apply a fi ll to the entire table, open the Shading button’s menu and point to Table
Background, as shown in Figure 8.16, and then choose a color.
Apply a i ll to the table’s background.
To test the new background, select some cells and choose No Fill for their fi ll color. The
background color appears in those cells. If you want to experiment further, try applying a
semitransparent fi ll to some cells, and see how the color of the background blends with the
color of the cell’s fi ll.
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