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Filling a Table with a Picture
Filling a Table with a Picture
When you fi ll one or more cells with a picture, each cell gets its own individual copy of it.
For example, if you fi ll a table with a picture of a koala and the table has six cells, you get
six koalas, as shown in Figure 8.17.
When you apply a picture i ll to a table, each cell gets its own copy.
If you want a single copy of the picture to fi ll the entire area behind the table, do the
1. Select the table’s outer frame.
2. Click Table Tools Design
Table Styles
Shading (down arrow)
3. In the Insert Pictures dialog box, to use your own picture, click Browse and
locate and select the picture. Or, to fi nd a picture online, type a keyword for the
picture in the Offi Clip Art box and press Enter, and then click the desired
Applying a Shadow to a Table
You can apply a shadow effect to a table so that it appears “raised” off the slide back-
ground. You can make it any color you like, and adjust a variety of settings for it.
If the cells have no i ll, the shadow will apply to the gridlines, not to the table as a whole object.
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