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Changing Text Alignment
You might need to read Chapter 9 fi rst to do some of these steps, but here’s the basic
1. Create a rectangle from the Shapes group on the Insert tab, and apply a 3-D
effect to it (from Drawing Tools Format
Rotation). Use any effect you like. To create the traditional “box” appearance as in
Figure 8.22, apply the second Oblique preset, and then in the 3-D Format options,
increase the Depth setting to about 100 points.
Shape Styles
Shape Effects
2. Size the rectangle so that its face is the same size as the table.
3. Click Drawing Tools Format
Send Backward
Send to Back to
send the rectangle behind the table.
4. Set the table’s fill to No Fill if it is not already transparent.
5. (Optional) Set the table’s outer frame border to None to make its edges appear
to blend with the edges of the rectangle. To do that, open the Borders button’s
menu on the Table Tools Design tab and select Outside Borders to toggle that off.
Changing Text Alignment
If you followed the preceding steps to create the effect shown in Figure 8.20, you probably
ran into a problem: Your text probably didn’t center itself in the cells. That’s because, by
default, each cell’s vertical alignment is set to Top and horizontal alignment is set to Left.
Although the vertical and horizontal alignments are both controlled from the Alignment
group on the Table Tools Layout tab, they actually have two different scopes. Vertical align-
ment applies to the entire cell as a whole, whereas horizontal alignment can apply differ-
ently to individual paragraphs within the cell. To set vertical alignment for a cell, follow
these steps:
1. Select one or more cells to affect. To affect only one cell, you do not have to
select it; just click inside it.
2. On the Table Tools Layout tab, in the Alignment group, click one of the
vertical alignment buttons: Align Top, Center Vertically, or Align Bottom. See
Figure 8.21.
Set the vertical and horizontal alignment of text from the Alignment group.
Horizontal alignment
Vertical alignment
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