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Changing Text Direction
To set the horizontal alignment for a paragraph, follow these steps:
1. Select one or more paragraphs to affect. If you select multiple cells, all para-
graphs within those cells are affected. If you click in a cell without selecting any-
thing, the change affects only the paragraph in which you clicked.
2. On the Table Tools Layout tab, in the Alignment group, click one of the hori-
zontal alignment buttons: Align Left, Center, or Align Right. See Figure 8.21.
You can also use the paragraph alignment buttons on the Home tab for horizontal
alignment or the buttons on the mini toolbar.
The horizontal alignments all have keyboard shortcuts: Ctrl+L for left, Ctrl+E for center, and Ctrl+R for right.
Changing Text Direction
The default text direction for table cells is Horizontal, which reads from left to right (at
least in countries where that’s how text is read). Figure 8.22 shows the alternatives.
You can set types of text direction.
To change the text direction for a cell, follow these steps:
1. Select the cell(s) to affect. To affect only a single cell, move the insertion point
into it.
2. On the Table Tools Layout tab, click Text Direction.
3. Select a text direction from the menu that appears.
You cannot set text direction for individual paragraphs; the setting applies to the entire cell.
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