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Using Tables from Word
Using Tables from Word
If a table already exists in Word, you can copy it into PowerPoint. PowerPoint will convert
the Word table to a PowerPoint table. From that point on, it is a part of the presentation,
and maintains no relationship to Word. You can edit its text directly in PowerPoint.
To paste a table from Word to PowerPoint, copy it to the Clipboard (Ctrl+C) in Word, and
then paste it onto a slide in PowerPoint (Ctrl+V). The resulting table appears in the center
of the slide.
When you copy a table from Word to PowerPoint, you might need to increase the font size; Word’s default size for
body text is great for printed documents but too small for most PowerPoint slides.
A pasted Word table is placed into a content placeholder on the slide if an appropriate one
is available. Here are the basic rules for what goes on:
If the slide has an appropriate content placeholder that is empty, the table is
placed into it but retains its own size and shape.
If the slide does not have an appropriate empty content placeholder, the table is
inserted as a free-fl oating object, unrelated to any placeholders.
Word’s table feature is somewhat more robust than PowerPoint’s. If you want to maintain
all the Word capabilities in the table, paste the table as a Word object instead of doing a
regular paste. Follow these steps:
1. Copy the table in Word (Ctrl+C).
2. In PowerPoint, display the slide on which the table should be pasted.
3. On the Home tab, open the Paste button’s menu and click Paste Special. The
Paste Special dialog box opens.
4. Click the Paste option button.
5. In the As list, choose Microsoft Office Word Document Object. See Figure 8.23.
6. Click OK. The table appears as a free-fl oating object (not in any placeholder).
You can also use the Paste Options button that appears immediately after you paste the
table. Click the third icon: Embed. See Figure 8.24.
The resulting table is an embedded object and cannot be edited directly using PowerPoint’s
table feature. To edit the object, you must double-click it to open it in Word.
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