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Integrating Excel Cells into PowerPoint
Object linking and embedding is covered in detail in Chapter 13, but here’s a quick look at
how to use Excel from within PowerPoint:
1. Display the slide on which you want to place the Excel cells.
2. If desired, select a placeholder into which the table should be placed.
3. On the Insert tab, click the Table button, and on its menu, choose Excel
Spreadsheet. A small frame with a few cells of an Excel spreadsheet appears, and
the Ribbon changes to the tabs and tools for Excel. See Figure 8.25.
An Excel object can substitute for a table grid and can provide Excel-specii c capabilities.
Don’t worry that an Excel object you insert does not seem to be correctly aligned at the top and left. The cell row and
column labels appear as you edit, and they disappear when you click away from the object.
4. If desired, enlarge the Excel object by doing the following:
a. Click once on the Excel object’s border to select it. Black selection handles
appear around it.
b. Drag a corner selection handle to enlarge the area of the object.
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