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Chapter 9: Drawing and Formatting Objects
Drawing and Formatting Objects
Working with the drawing tools
Selecting and deleting objects
Moving and copying objects
Resizing and arranging objects
Merging shapes
Applying Shape or Picture Styles
Applying object borders and i lls and effects
Everything on a slide is a separate object. An object is anything that is in its own rectangular
frame and can be moved, sized, and formatted independently. For example, each drawn shape
is an object, as is each text box and each chart, diagram, and clip art image. So far in this
book, you’ve learned about several types of objects that you can format with borders, shading, and
other special effects, including text boxes and tables. In upcoming chapters, you learn about even
more types of objects that you can format, such as SmartArt, charts, and clip art.
Most of the manipulation that you can apply to an object is the same, regardless of the object
type. Rather than repeat the details for formatting each object type in individual chapters, almost
everything you need to know about object formatting can be found in this chapter. You will prac-
tice these techniques on drawn lines and shapes, and in the process you will learn about the draw-
ing tools. You can then apply these same techniques to text boxes and to virtually every type of
graphic object that PowerPoint supports.
Working with the Drawing Tools
PowerPoint comes with a set of drawing tools that allow you to create simple lines and shapes on
your slides. The graphics that you create with these tools are called shapes . (Lines are also called
shapes, which seems counterintuitive, but there it is.)
The drawing tools create simple, line-based vector graphics, each of which is a separate object on
the slide. For example, if you make a drawing that consists of four rectangles, an oval, and several
lines, you can move and resize each of these objects separately. You can stack them to create a
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