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Connecting a line to a shape offers two advantages. One advantage is that you don’t have
to adjust the line exactly so that it touches the shape but does not overlap it. It lines up
perfectly with the edge of the shape at all times. Another advantage is that if you move
the shape, the line moves with it, changing its length and angle as needed so that the line
remains anchored at both ends. All shapes can be connected, not just the ones from the
Flow Chart group.
A callout is a regular shape except it has a resizable point on it that can be dragged to point
to other objects. Drag the yellow square selection handle on the callout shape to move its
Action Buttons
An action button is a type of drawing object that has an action associated with it. When
users click the action button during the presentation, something happens. For example,
perhaps a certain slide appears, an external program launches, or a sound plays.
The main difference between placing an action button and placing other types of drawing
objects is that after you draw the action button, an Action Settings dialog box appears,
prompting you for the action.
You can learn how to use the Action Settings dialog box in Chapter 20, “Preparing a Presentation for
Mass Distribution.”
Choosing a Different Shape
If you chose the wrong shape to draw, it’s easier to just delete the shape and start over
if you have not applied any special formatting to it. However, if you have formatted the
shape already, you might fi nd it easier to change the shape rather than re-create it. To do
so, follow these steps:
1. Click the shape to select it.
2. Click Drawing Tools Format
Insert Shapes and then click the Edit Shape but-
ton and choose Change Shape from the menu. The same palette of shapes appears
as when you initially created the shape, as shown in Figure 9.4.
3. Click the new shape that you want.
Lines cannot be changed using the Change Shape command. You must right-click them and choose Connector Types
to change their type, and you can only change between a straight connector, elbow connector, and curved connector.
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