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Adding Text to a Shape
Fine-tune a shape by adjusting its points.
Drag a black square
to change the shape.
PowerPoint 2013 enables you to merge multiple shapes together to create more complex shapes than
you might feel comfortable drawing on your own or creating by dragging a shape’s points. To learn
about combining shapes, see “Merging Shapes” later in this chapter.
Adding Text to a Shape
You can use almost all of the closed shapes in PowerPoint as text boxes. PowerPoint recog-
nizes a manually created text box as a variation on a rectangle with some text in it. As a
result, you can just as easily place text in a shape of any other type. To add text to a shape,
follow these steps:
1. Right-click the shape and choose Edit Text.
2. Click inside the shape. A fl ashing insertion point appears inside the shape.
3. Type the desired text.
You can also use the Text Box button to insert a new blank text box from the Drawing Tools Format tab, independent
of any existing shape. Instead of clicking inside a shape in step 3, click a blank area of the slide and begin typing
to create a new text box. A text box is just a rectangular shape with no border or i ll. You can change it to a differ-
ent shape by selecting from the Edit Shape
Change Shape menu, as shown in the section “Choosing a Different
Shape” earlier in this chapter. You can then apply a shape style, as explained in the section “Applying Shape or
Picture Styles” later in this chapter, or apply a custom border or i ll to it.
Text wraps within a shape automatically, in a rectangular area. If the shape is irregular,
PowerPoint fi nds the largest available rectangular area within its center and confi nes the
text to that area. If you have adjusted the shape’s points, the text wrapping inside the
shape may not look right. For example, in Figure 9.6, the sides of the arrow have been
pulled in a bit manually, but the original text area still applies, resulting in some overhang
of the text. To correct this, you can manually insert line breaks where you want them by
pressing Shift+Enter.
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