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Selecting Objects
If the text overl ows the shape (left), press Shift+Enter to insert line breaks where needed
Selecting Objects
No matter what type of object you are dealing with, you can select it by clicking it with the
mouse. Selection handles that look like white squares appear around the object, as shown
in Figure 9.7.
Selection handles appear around a selected object.
You have already learned that you can select a single object by clicking it. However, some-
times you might want to select multiple objects so that you can act upon them as a single
unit. For example, suppose you have drawn several shapes and you want to select them as a
group so that you can move them or apply the same formatting to them.
To select more than one object, click the fi rst one to select it, and then hold down the Shift
key as you click additional objects. They all become selected.
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