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Selecting Objects
Holding down the Ctrl key when you select multiple objects also does the same thing as Shift; however, if you hold
down the Ctrl key and drag, it makes a copy of the original item. This is why it’s better to use the Shift key than the
Ctrl key for selecting multiple objects — so that you don’t accidentally make copies by dragging the item.
If you can’t easily click each object (perhaps because they are overlapping one another),
an easy way to select a whole group is to drag the cursor around them. For example, if you
wanted to select several stacked shapes, you would drag the cursor over them to select
them all, as follows: Simply click and hold down the mouse button above and to the left
of the objects, and drag down and to the right until you create a box around them. This is
called lassoing, as you learned in Chapter 8. The box adds a light-blue shading over the top
of the area, as shown in Figure 9.8. Then, release the mouse button. All objects that were
entirely inside the boundary that you drew are selected, as shown in Figure 9.9.
Hold down the mouse button and drag a box that includes all of the shapes that you want
to select.
Dragging from the top left to the bottom right is just one way of selecting the group; for example, you can also drag
from the lower right to the upper left if you prefer.
Each selected object displays its own selection handles.
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