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From One Slide to Another
From One Slide to Another
To move an object to a different slide, cutting and pasting works best. Select the object and
press Ctrl+X, or click Cut on the Home tab. Then display the slide on which you want the
object to appear, and press Ctrl+V, or click Paste on the Home tab.
To copy an object to a different slide without removing it from the original slide, you can
do the same thing except that you need to use the Copy command (Ctrl+C or Copy button)
instead of the Cut command.
If you want an object to appear in the same spot on every slide in the presentation, add the object to the slide master
rather than trying to copy it onto every slide. See Chapter 4, “Working with Layouts, Themes, and Masters,” for more
When you copy and paste an object onto the same slide, the copy is offset from the original to allow for easy selec-
tion. When you copy and paste an object onto a different slide, the copy appears in the same position as the original.
From One Presentation to Another
To move or copy from one presentation to another, use the Cut, Copy, and Paste commands.
First, select the object, and then cut or copy it. Display the destination slide (in normal
view) in the other presentation, and then paste.
An object that you move or copy to a different presentation might change its color because the destination i le is
using a different color theme. This is because objects with colors from a color theme rather than colors dei ned by a
i xed color will change colors when you apply a different theme or template.
To Another Program
You can also move and copy objects from PowerPoint into other programs. For example, sup-
pose that you have created a table on a slide and you want to include it in a report in Word.
You can move or copy it to a Word document by cutting and pasting. For more information
on tables, see Chapter 8, “Creating and Formatting Tables.”
Depending on the object and the destination application, copying and pasting usually results in smaller i le sizes
than dragging and dropping.
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