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Resizing Objects
For drawn objects, charts, and text boxes, these formatting options are available.
SmartArt has some formatting features in common with drawn shapes and charts, but it also has some special fea-
tures and quirks of its own. For more information, see Chapter 10, “Creating SmartArt Graphics.”
For photos and clip art, the Picture Tools Format tab in Figure 9.13 appears. It focuses on
applying fi lters through which you view the image (such as brightness and contrast) and
applying Picture Styles that affect the shape and border of the frame.
For photos and clip art, these formatting options are available.
Both of these versions of the Format tab (Drawing Tools and Picture Tools) have Size and
Arrange groups that work the same way.
The following sections explain how to apply formatting to the two types of objects, by
using the Drawing Tools Format tab or the Picture Tools Format tab. Some features are
unique to one object type or the other; other features can be used for both types, although
some features that do basically the same thing have different names, depending on the
object type.
Resizing Objects
Let’s start with something that all objects have in common: resizing. You can resize any
object on a slide, either by dragging a selection handle on its border or by using the Size
group in the Format tab.
In Chapter 3, “Creating Slides and Text Boxes,” you learned how to resize a text box; you
can resize any object in this same way, simply by dragging a corner or side selection handle
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