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Resizing Objects
to change the object’s size and shape. The mouse pointer changes to a double-headed arrow
when you move it over a selection handle.
Some objects, such as photos, maintain their aspect ratio by default when you resize them using a corner selection
handle. In other words, the ratio of height to width does not change when you resize using the corner selection han-
dles. If you want to distort the object by changing its aspect ratio, drag one of the side selection handles instead of a
corner one. Other objects, such as drawn shapes, do not maintain the aspect ratio unless you hold down the Shift key
as you drag a corner selection handle.
You can also size an object by using the increment buttons to change the values in the Size
group on the Format tab or by typing numbers directly into these text boxes.
Alternatively, you can click the dialog box launcher for the Size group to open a Format
Shape (or Format Picture) task pane with the Size tab settings, from which you can enter a
height and width, the same as you would in the Size group on the Ribbon (see Figure 9.14).
This same dialog box is available for all object types, although more of the options are
available for photos than for drawn objects. Figure 9.14 shows the dialog box for a photo.
For a drawn object, some of the Scale options are unavailable, as well as the Crop From and
Original Size sections.
Adjust an object’s size from the Size settings in the Format Shape (or Format Picture) task
pane or from the Size controls on the Format tab.
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