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Using Smart Guides
and click Add Vertical Guide or Add Horizontal Guide. You can drag guides to reposition
them on the slide as you work. An object will also snap to the guide if you drop the object
near the guide. New in PowerPoint 2013, you can add permanent custom guides to the Slide
Masters too. See Chapter 4 for details.
Using Smart Guides
PowerPoint also has a Smart Guides feature, which pops up temporary guidelines to help you
to align objects with one another as you are dragging. Smart Guides give you the benefi t of
guide without having to have the regular guides displayed all the time.
When one object’s top, bottom, or middle starts to be nearly aligned with an adjacent
object, a dotted line appears showing where the alignment point would be, so you can fi nd
it easily. The object also snaps into alignment with that dotted line when you drop it any-
where near the dotted line. See Figure 9.18.
Smart Guides are dotted lines that help you align one object with another.
Smart Guide
To turn the Smart Guides feature on or off, right-click the slide, point to Grid and Guides so
that a submenu appears, and click Smart Guides.
Nudging Objects
If you are one of those people who have a hard time positioning objects precisely when
you drag them, you’ll appreciate the Nudge command. It moves an object slightly in the
direction that you want without altering it in the other plane. For example, suppose you
have positioned a text box in exactly the spot you want vertically but a little bit too far
to the right. If you drag it manually, you might accidentally change the vertical position.
Instead, you can press an arrow key to move it. Hold down Ctrl to override snapping to
the grid.
Nudging moves the object one space on the grid when you have enabled the Snap Objects
to Grid option. (See the section, “Snapping Objects to a Grid” earlier in this chapter.) When
the Snap Objects to Grid option is turned off, you can nudge the object one pixel at a time.
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