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Working with Object Groups
If you need to reorder the objects in a stack, follow these steps:
1. Click an object in the stack.
2. Use one of the buttons in the Arrange group on the Format tab:
Click Bring Forward to bring the object forward one position in the stack.
Open the Bring Forward drop-down menu and choose Bring to Front to bring the
object to the top of the stack.
Click Send Backward to send the object backward one position in the stack.
Open the Send Backward drop-down menu and choose Send to Back to send the
object to the bottom of the stack.
3. Repeat the steps to change the position of other objects in the stack as needed.
Another way to reorder object stacking is to use the Selection pane:
1. Click Home
Selection Pane to display the Selection pane.
2. Click an object’s name on the list.
3. Click the Bring Forward (up arrow) or Send Backward (down arrow) button to
move the object up or down in the stacking order.
Working with Object Groups
You have already learned how to select multiple objects and work with them as a single
unit. For example, you might select several shapes together that collectively form a picture
that you have drawn. If you intend to treat these objects as a single unit, you can save
yourself some time by grouping them. When you group two or more objects, they become
a single object for the purposes of moving and resizing. They also lose their animation, if
any was applied to them. You can always ungroup them later if you need to work with the
objects separately. Dissimilar objects can be grouped, so, for example, you could group a
photo, a drawn shape, and a text box into a single unit.
You can’t group placeholders with other objects.
To group two or more objects together, follow these steps:
1. Select all of the objects that you want to group.
2. Click Format
Group Objects
Group. (Alternatively, you can press
Ctrl+G.) The objects now form a group.
To ungroup a collection of objects, select the object group, open the Group drop-down menu
again, and choose Ungroup, or press Ctrl+Shift+G. After ungrouping them, you can make
changes to the objects separately. Then, if you want to regroup the same objects again,
open the Group drop-down menu and choose Regroup.
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