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Understanding Color Selection
Apply a Picture Style to quickly format an imported graphic such as a photo.
The formatting that you apply through Picture Styles is not dependent on the color theme, but some of the border
formatting is partially dependent on the background that you have chosen. For the Picture Styles that include a bor-
der, the border color is either black or white, and it changes depending on whether you are using a light or dark back-
ground. (You can choose a background from the Background Styles button on the Design tab.) If you want a different
color border than the Picture Style provides, you can modify the border color after applying the style.
Understanding Color Selection
To apply a custom border or fi ll color to an object, you must know something about how
PowerPoint uses and applies colors. Although this is covered in Chapter 4, here is a quick
PowerPoint uses a set of color placeholders for the bulk of its color formatting. Because
each item’s color is defi ned by a placeholder, and not as a fi xed color, you can easily change
the colors by switching to a different color theme. For example, if you decide that you
want all of the slide titles to be blue rather than green, you can make the change once and
PowerPoint applies it to all of the slides automatically.
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