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Applying an Object Border
Applying an Object Border
A border (outline) around an object can draw attention to it as well as separate it from sur-
rounding items.
When describing the buttons that create borders around an object, PowerPoint uses incon-
sistent terminology between the two versions of the Format tab. For drawn objects, the
button that applies borders is called the Shape Outline button; for pictures it is called the
Picture Border button. Both buttons open essentially the same menu — a standard color
picker like the one shown in Figure 9.26.
The only difference between the Picture Border and the Shape Outline color pickers is that the latter has an Arrows
command. This command is available only when the selected object is a line (not a closed shape); it applies arrow-
heads to one or both ends of the line.
Border Attributes
A border has three basic attributes: its color, its width (thickness), and its dash style (solid,
dashed, dotted, etc.). You can set each of these basic attributes using the color picker,
which contains fl y-out menus at the bottom for weight and dashes. Each fl y-out menu has
presets that you can select.
To control the more advanced attributes of the line, or to make a selection other than a
preset, choose More Lines from one of the fl y-out submenus. This opens the Format Shape
task pane with Line controls expanded, as shown in Figure 9.28.
You can also right-click and choose Format Picture to apply borders from the Format Picture dialog box.
In the Line controls of the Format Shape task pane, you can set the following:
Width. The thickness of the line in points.
Compound Type. The number of parallel lines the overall line comprises and their
relative thicknesses.
Dash Type. The style of line (solid, dashed, dotted).
Cap Type. The style for the ends of the line (applicable to lines only).
Join Type. The style for the corners of the shape.
Arrow settings. The types and sizes of the arrow heads (applicable to lines only).
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