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Copying a Fill Color with the Eyedropper Tool
2. Click the Fill & Line icon, and then click Fill to expand the fill options.
3. Click Solid Fill.
4. Click the Color button in the task pane to open a color picker.
5. Select the desired color. See Figure 9.30.
See the section “Understanding Color Selection” earlier in this chapter for more on selecting color.
Set a color i ll for a picture type of object via the Format Picture task pane.
6. (Optional) Drag the Transparency slider to set transparency.
7. Click Close.
Copying a Fill Color with the Eyedropper Tool
Matching exact colors can be tricky, especially when you don’t know the numeric value of a
color you are trying to duplicate. A new feature in PowerPoint 2013 is the Eyedropper tool.
You can pick up a color from any object in your presentation and use that as a fi ll color for
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