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Applying a One-Color Gradient Preset
gradients are often used on large shapes, on logos, and on backgrounds to add more inter-
est than a single fl at color can provide.
PowerPoint 2013 has powerful gradient capabilities. For example, you can create gradients
that consist of many different colors, and you can specify the spot at which one color
shifts to another.
Applying a One-Color Gradient Preset
For drawn shapes (and other objects that use the Drawing Tools Format tab), you can use
the Shape Fill button to access preset gradients that blend one color with either black or
white. These presets apply only to drawn objects, not to picture objects. Follow these steps
to apply a one-color preset:
1. Apply a solid color fill to the object; use the color that you want to combine
with black or white.
2. Select the object and display the Drawing Tools Format tab.
3. Open the Shape Fill drop-down menu, point to Gradient, and click the desired
gradient style, as shown in Figure 9.32.
Apply a preset gradient from the Gradient submenu for a shape.
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