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Applying a Custom Gradient
You can dei ne gradient stops and settings in the Format Shape (or Format Picture)
task pane.
You can set gradients to the following types:
Linear. A linear gradient, like the ones in Figure 9.33, travels from one point to
another. You can set it to travel horizontally — as shown in Figure 9.33 — verti-
cally, or diagonally, or you can set a specifi c angle.
Radial. A radial gradient radiates out from a point. You can set it to radiate from
the center of the object or from any of its corners.
Rectangular. This gradient is similar to Radial except that it radiates as a rectangle
rather than as a curve.
Path. This gradient follows the shape of the object. Try applying it to a starburst,
for example; the color radiates out from the center of the star.
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