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Texture and Picture Fills
d. (Optional) Use the increment buttons to adjust the Brightness setting, or drag
its slider.
10. Select the next stop on the Gradient Stops slider bar, and repeat step 9.
11. (Optional) Add or remove stops:
If you need to create more stops, click the Add Gradient Stop button and then
repeat step 8 for each new stop.
If you need to delete a stop, select it and then click the Remove Gradient Stop
12. Close the task pane.
Texture and Picture Fills
A texture fi ll is actually a picture fi ll, but it is a special type of picture that, when tiled,
looks like a surface texture such as wood, marble, or cloth. To apply a texture fi ll, select
the object and then click Drawing Tools Format
Shape Styles
Shape Fill
Texture and
choose one of the textures on the gallery that appears. See Figure 9.35.
If you are fi lling an object that doesn’t have a Shape Fill button on the Drawing Tools
Format tab, such as a piece of clip art, you can use the task pane instead. Follow these
1. Right-click the object and choose Format Picture (or Format Shape, depending
on the object type). The task pane opens.
2. Click the Fill & Line icon, and expand the Fill section if it is not already
3. Click the Picture or Texture Fill option button.
4. Click the Texture button and select a texture. The textures are the same ones
shown in Figure 9.35.
5. Close the task pane.
You can use your own pictures as textures. To do so, use the procedure for picture i lls, and make sure you select the
Tile Picture as Texture check box in the task pane. (This check box does not appear unless you have already applied a
picture i ll.)
You can also use a picture as an object fi ll. You can specify a picture from a fi le stored on
your hard disk, from the contents of the Clipboard, or from artwork available online (such
as clip art from Microsoft). Picture fi lls were discussed briefl y at the end of Chapter 8 as
they pertain to table cells, but you can fi ll almost any object with a picture, not just a text
box or table cell.
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