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Texture and Picture Fills
You can i ll a clip-art image that has a transparent background with another picture, creating a picture-on-picture
Select one of the preset textures from the Texture gallery.
In the Format Shape or Format Picture task pane, when you select the Picture or Texture fi ll
option, three buttons appear:
File. Click this button to open an Insert Picture dialog box, and then select the
picture that you want to use.
Clipboard. Click this button to insert the contents of the Clipboard as the graphic
to use. This technique works only with the last item that you placed on the
Clipboard, not the full 24-item Offi ce Clipboard.
Online. Click this button to open an Insert Pictures dialog box. In the Offi
Clip Art box, type a keyword to search for a clip-art image, and then select and
insert the clip art. Or, use the Bing Image Search box to search for a photo to use,
or browse fi les from your own SkyDrive.
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