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If text is typed in a shape, the shadow applies only to the shape. If you want text typed in a shape to have a shadow,
you must use Text Effects in the WordArt Styles options.
If a shape containing text has no i ll, the shadow you apply to the shape will apply to the text too. This can cause
problems when animating, though; the shadow won’t animate with the text. Therefore, it is not recommended to add
a shape shadow to such a shape if you plan on assigning an animation event to it.
Inserted pictures (such as scanned photos). The shadow applies to the rectan-
gular frame around the picture; if the picture is inserted in a shape, the shadow
applies to the shape.
Clip art, text boxes, and charts. If the background is set to No Fill, the shadow
applies to the object inside the frame; if you have an applied fi ll, the shadow
applies to the frame.
If you change the shadow color, you should generally use a color that is darker than the object. Lighter-colored shad-
ows do not look realistic. However, for black text, you should use a gray shadow.
Rel ection
Reflection creates a mirror image of the object, below the original. A refl ection is
affected by two factors: the amount of refl ection — partial or full — and the offset,
or distance between it and the original. The presets on the Shape Effects (or Picture
Refl ection submenu use various combinations of these two factors.
You can also customize the refl ection by choosing Refl ection Options, or by displaying the
Refl ection tab in the Format Shape or Format Picture task pane, as shown in Figure 9.41.
Choose a preset to start with, and then drag the sliders to adjust it as needed. The factors
you can change are Transparency, Size, Blur, and Distance.
Glow and Soft Edges
Glow creates a colored “halo” around the object. You can choose the color either from the
theme colors or from a fi xed color that you specify. To select a different color, choose More
Glow Colors and then choose a color from the Colors dialog box. Choose Glow Options to
open the Format Shape (or Format Picture) task pane, where you can adjust Color, Size, and
Transparency for the effect.
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