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Soft Edges is similar to the Glow effect. Whereas Glow creates a fuzzy halo around the out-
side of an object, Soft Edges uses the same color as the object to create a fuzzy effect by
cutting into the edges of the object. The difference between these two effects is similar to
the difference between an outer and an inner shadow. A shape can have either or both.
Customize a rel ection effect on the Rel ection tab of the Format Shape (or Format Picture)
task pane.
A bevel is an effect that you apply to the edge of an object to make it look raised, sunken,
or textured. You can apply beveling to fl at shapes and other objects to give them a thick,
three-dimensional appearance, or you can combine them with a real 3-D rotation effect, as
described in the following section. Figure 9.42 shows some examples of bevels that you can
create using presets. You can access these presets through the Bevel submenu in either the
Shape Effects or Picture Effects drop-down menu.
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