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3-D Rotation and 3-D Formatting
You can set bevels and other 3-D formatting effects in the 3-D Format section of
the task pane.
You can combine 3-D rotation with 3-D formatting to create interesting effects, such as
adding “sides” to a fl at object and coloring these sides in a certain way. For example, you
could combine these effects to turn a square into a cube. The 3-D formatting effect is for-
matting (colors, lengths, and textures) that affects an object’s 3-D appearance. The 3-D for-
matting effect consists of the following aspects:
Bevel. As discussed in the preceding section, this effect alters the edges of the
object. You can set top and bottom bevels separately.
Depth. This allows you to specify the size and color of the sides of the object.
However, the sides are not visible unless the object is three-dimensionally rotated.
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