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Applying 3-D Rotation
If you have not yet added depth to the shape by using its 3-D Format settings, you won’t see any effect from the
Oblique presets because there are not yet any “sides” to the shape.
To rotate a precise amount, choose 3-D Rotation Options from the bottom of the presets
menu, or right-click the object and choose Format Shape (or Format Picture) to open the
Format Shape (or Format Picture) task pane. Then expand the 3-D Rotation settings, as
shown in Figure 9.45. You can start with one of the presets by selecting it from the Presets
drop-down menu.
Set X, Y, and Z rotation for the object in the Format Shape (or Format Picture) task pane.
The other settings for rotation are as follows:
Keep Text Flat. This option prevents any text in the shape from rotating on the
X- or Y-axis.
Distance from Ground. This setting adds space between the object and the back-
ground. To see this effect more clearly, rotate the object.
Reset. You can press this button to remove all 3-D settings so that you can start
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