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Applying 3-D Formatting
Applying 3-D Formatting
You can use 3-D formatting to control the colors and the amount of depth of the surfaces
and sides of a 3-D rotated object. You control these settings from the 3-D Format section of
the Format Shape (or Format Picture) task pane, as shown in Figure 9.46:
Apply formatting to the 3-D effects from the 3-D Format section of the task pane.
Depth . The depth of an object determines the length and color of its sides. In most
cases, you want to keep the sides set to the default color setting, Match Shape Fill.
This enables the sides to change colors when the shape changes colors. Although the
sides are a darker shade of the object’s color in order to create the illusion of depth,
you can adjust their color through the application of surface material and lighting.
Contour . Contours are similar to outlines, or borders, except that contours go
around each side of a 3-D object. For example, if you have a square with sides (a
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