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6. In the 3-D Rotation tab, rotate the object so that you can see it more clearly:
X: 30
Y: 300
Z: 325
To create pyramids with different numbers of sides, use shapes other than squares. For example, to create a three-
sided pyramid, start with a triangle. To create a cone, use a circle.
In this chapter, you learned how to draw lines and shapes, and how to format almost any
type of object. You’ll use these skills as you go forward in the rest of the book, learning
about specifi c types of objects, including SmartArt, clip art, and so on. No matter what
type of graphic you encounter, you’ll be able to format it using these same techniques.
In the next chapter, you’ll learn how to create and format SmartArt diagrams, which com-
bine the best of a bulleted list with the best of drawn objects to present text data in an
interesting way.
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