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A typical SmartArt graphic being constructed.
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A List graphic presents information in a fairly straightforward, text-based way, somewhat
like a fancy outline. List graphics are useful when information is not in any particular
order or when the process or progression between items is not important. The list can have
multiple levels, and you can enclose each level in a shape or not. Figure 10.2 shows an
A Process graphic is similar to a list, but it has directional arrows or other connectors that
represent the fl ow of one item to another. This adds an extra aspect of meaning to the
graphic. For example, in Figure 10.3, the way the boxes are staggered and connected with
arrows implies that the next step begins before the previous one ends.
A Cycle graphic also illustrates a process, but a repeating or recursive one — usually a pro-
cess in which there is no fi xed beginning point or endpoint. You can jump into the cycle
at any point. In Figure 10.4, for example, the ongoing process of product development and
improvement is illustrated.
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