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A Hierarchy chart is an organization chart. It shows structure and relationships between
people or things in standardized levels. For example, it can show who reports to whom in a
company’s employment system. It is useful when describing how the organization functions
and who is responsible for what. In Figure 10.5, for example, three organization levels are
represented, with lines of reporting drawn between each level. Hierarchy graphics can also
run horizontally, for use in tournament rosters.
A Hierarchy graphic, also called an organization chart, explains the structure of
an organization.
Should you include your company’s organization chart in your presentation? That’s a question that depends on your
main message. If your speech is about the organization, you should. If not, show the organization structure only if it
serves a purpose to advance your speech. Many presenters have found that an organization chart makes an excellent
backup slide. You can prepare it and have it ready in case a question arises about the organization. Another useful
strategy is to include a printed organization chart as part of the handouts you distribute to the audience, without
including the slide in your main presentation.
Relationship graphics graphically illustrate how parts relate to a whole. One common type
of Relationship graphic is a Venn diagram, as in Figure 10.6, showing how categories of peo-
ple or things overlap. Relationship graphics can also break things into categories or show
how parts contribute to a whole, as with a pie chart.
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