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A Pyramid graphic represents the progression between less and more of something.
In Pyramid graphics and some other cases, labels do not coni ne themselves to within the associated shape. If
this is a problem, you might be able to make the labels i t with a combination of line breaks (Shift+Enter) and font
The Picture category is a collection of SmartArt graphic types from the other categories
that include picture placeholders in them. You’ll fi nd List, Process, and other types of
graphics here; the Picture category simply summarizes them.
The Ofi category shows additional SmartArt layouts that are available online from Ofi If you are con-
nected to the Internet, you can access these additional layouts for more choices.
Inserting a SmartArt Graphic
All SmartArt graphics start out the same way — you insert them on the slide as you can
any other slide object. That means you can either use a SmartArt placeholder on a slide lay-
out or insert the SmartArt graphic manually.
To use a placeholder, start with a slide that contains a layout with a SmartArt placeholder
in it, or change the current slide’s layout to one that does. Then click the Insert a SmartArt
Graphic icon in the placeholder, as shown in Figure 10.9. To insert from scratch, click the
SmartArt button on the Insert tab.
Another way to start a new SmartArt graphic is to select some text and then right-click the
selection and choose Convert to SmartArt.
Any way you start it, the Choose a SmartArt Graphic dialog box opens (Figure 10.10). Select
one of the SmartArt categories, click the desired SmartArt object, and click OK, and the
graphic appears. From there it’s just a matter of customizing.
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