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Modifying SmartArt Structure
You can also display a Text pane, as shown in Figure 10.1, and type or edit the graphic’s
text there. The Text pane serves the same purpose for a graphic that the Outline pane in
Outline view serves for the slide as a whole.
The text in the Outline pane is not always in the order you would expect it to be for the graphic because it forces text
to appear in linear form from a graphic that is not necessarily linear. It does not matter how the text appears in the
Text pane because only you see that. What matters is how it looks in the actual graphic.
Here are some tips for working with SmartArt text:
To leave a text box empty, just don’t type anything in it. The [Text] placeholders do
not show up in a printout or in Slide Show view.
To promote a line of text, press Shift+Tab; to demote it, press Tab in the Text pane.
Text wraps automatically, but you can press Shift+Enter to insert a line break if
In most cases, the text size shrinks to fi t the graphic in which it is located. There
are some exceptions to that, though; for example, at the top of a pyramid, the text
can overfl ow the tip of the pyramid.
All of the text is the same size, so if you enter a really long string of text in one
box, the text size in all of the related boxes shrinks too. You can manually format
parts of the SmartArt graphic to change this behavior, as you will learn later in the
If you resize the SmartArt graphic, its text resizes automatically.
Modifying SmartArt Structure
The structure of the SmartArt graphic includes how many boxes it has and where they are
placed. Even though the graphic types are all very different, the way you add, remove, and
reposition shapes in them is surprisingly similar across all types.
When you add a shape, you add both a graphical element (a circle, a bar, or other) and an associated text place-
holder. The same applies to deletion; removing a shape also removes its associated text placeholder from the
SmartArt graphic.
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