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Inserting and Deleting Shapes
Inserting and Deleting Shapes
To insert a shape in a SmartArt graphic, follow these steps:
1. Click a shape that is adjacent to where you want the new shape to appear.
2. Click SmartArt Tools Design
Create Graphic
Add Shape.
You can click the top part of the Add Shape button to add a shape of the same level and
type as the selected one, or you can click the bottom part of the button to open a menu
from which you can choose other variants. The choices on the menu depend on the graphic
type and the type of shape selected. For example, in Figure 10.11, you can insert a shape
into a SmartArt graphic either before or after the current one (same outline level), or you
can insert a shape that is subordinate (below) or superior to (above) the current one.
FIGURE 10.11
Add a shape to the SmartArt graphic.
To delete a shape, click it to select it in the SmartArt graphic, and then press the Delete
key on the keyboard. You might need to delete subordinate shapes before you can delete
the main shape.
Not all SmartArt graphic types can accept different numbers of shapes. For example, the four-square matrix graphic
is i xed at four squares.
Adding Bullets
In addition to adding shapes to the SmartArt graphic, you can add bullets — that is, subor-
dinate text to a shape. To do so, click the Add Bullet button. Bullets appear indented under
the shape’s text in the Text pane, as shown in Figure 10.12.
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