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Promoting and Demoting Text
FIGURE 10.12
Create subordinate bullet points under a shape.
Promoting and Demoting Text
The difference between a shape and a bullet is primarily a matter of promotion and demo-
tion in the Text pane’s outline. The Text pane works just as the regular Outline pane does
in this regard; you can promote with Shift+Tab or demote with Tab. You can also use the
Promote and Demote buttons on the SmartArt Tools Design tab.
Changing the Flow Direction
Each SmartArt graphic fl ows in a certain direction. A Cycle graphic fl ows either clockwise
or counterclockwise. A Pyramid fl ows either up or down.
If you realize after typing all of the text that you should have made the SmartArt graphic
fl ow in the other direction, you can change it by clicking the Right to Left button on the
SmartArt Tools Design tab. It is a toggle; you can switch back and forth freely.
Reordering Shapes
Not only can you reverse the overall fl ow of the SmartArt graphic, you can also move
around individual shapes. For example, suppose you have a graphic that illustrates fi ve
steps in a process and you realize that steps 3 and 4 are out of order. You can move one of
them without having to retype all of the labels.
The easiest way to reorder the shapes is to select one and then click the Reorder Down or
Reorder Up button on the SmartArt Tools Design tab.
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