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Repositioning Shapes
If you have more complex reordering to do, you might prefer to work in the Text pane
instead, cutting and pasting text like this:
1. Display the Text pane if it does not already appear. You can either click the
arrow button to the left of the graphic or click the Text Pane button on the
SmartArt Tools Design tab.
2. Select some text to be moved in the Text pane.
3. Press Ctrl+X to cut it to the Clipboard.
4. Click in the Text pane at the beginning of the line above which it should appear.
5. Press Ctrl+V to paste.
Repositioning Shapes
You can individually select and drag each shape to reposition it on the SmartArt graphic.
Any connectors between it and the other shapes are automatically resized and extended as
needed. For example, in Figure 10.13, notice how the arrows that connect the circles in the
Cycle graphic have elongated as one of the circles has moved out.
FIGURE 10.13
When you move pieces of a SmartArt graphic, connectors move and stretch as needed.
Moved shape
change size
and position.
Resetting a SmartArt Graphic
After making changes to a SmartArt graphic, you can return it to its default settings with
the Reset Graphic button on the SmartArt Tools Design tab. This strips off everything,
including any SmartArt styles and manual positioning, and makes it exactly as it was when
you inserted it except it keeps the text that you’ve typed.
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