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Changing to a Different SmartArt Layout
Changing to a Different SmartArt Layout
The layouts are the graphic types. When you insert a SmartArt graphic you choose a type,
and you can change that type at any time later.
To change the layout type, use the Layouts gallery on the Design tab, as shown in Figure
10.14. You can open the gallery and click the desired type, or click More Layouts at the bot-
tom of its menu to redisplay the same dialog box as in Figure 10.10, the Choose a SmartArt
Graphic dialog box, from which you can choose any layout.
FIGURE 10.14
Switch to a different graphic layout.
Click here to open gallery
to choose layouts.
Modifying a Hierarchy Graphic Structure
Hierarchy graphics (organization charts) show the structure of an organization. They have
some different controls for changing their structure compared to other graphics, so the fol-
lowing sections look at them separately.
Inserting and Deleting Shapes
The main difference when inserting an organization chart shape (that is, a box into which
you will type a name) is that you must specify which existing box the new one is related to
and how it is related.
For example, suppose you have a supervisor already in the chart and you want to add some
people to the chart who report to him. You would fi rst select his box on the chart and then
insert the new shapes with the Add Shape button. For a box of the same level, or of the
previously inserted level, click the top part of the button; for a subordinate or other rela-
tionship, open the button’s menu. See Figure 10.15. The chart can have only one box at the
top level, however, just as a company can have only one CEO.
When you insert a new shape in a Hierarchy graphic, four of the options are the same as
with any other SmartArt graphic, and one is new: Add Shape After and Add Shape Before
insert shapes of the same level as the selected one, and Add Shape Above and Add Shape
Below insert a superior and subordinate level respectively. The new option, Add Assistant,
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