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Changing a Person’s Level in the Organization
An assistant is a person whose job is to provide support to a certain person or ofi ce. An executive secretary is one
example. In contrast, a subordinate is an employee who may report to a manager but whose job does not consist
entirely of supporting that manager. Confused? Don’t worry about it. You don’t have to make a distinction in your
organization chart. Everyone can be a subordinate (except the person at the top of the heap, of course).
To delete a shape, select it and press the Delete key, as with all of the other graphic types.
Changing a Person’s Level in the Organization
As the organization changes, you might need to change your chart to show that people
report to different supervisors. The easiest way to do that is to move the text in the Text
pane, the same way as you learned in the section “Reordering Shapes” earlier in this chap-
ter. To promote someone, select their box and press Shift+Tab.
To change who someone reports to, select their box and press Ctrl+X to cut it to the
Clipboard. Then select the box of the person they now report to, and press Ctrl+V to paste.
Controlling Subordinate Layout Options
When subordinates report to a supervisor, you can list the subordinates beneath that
supervisor in a variety of ways. In Standard layout, each subordinate appears horizontally
beneath the supervisor, as shown in Figure 10.17.
FIGURE 10.17
This is the standard layout for a branch of an organization chart.
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