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Manually Applying Colors and Effects to Individual Shapes
Manually Applying Colors and Effects to Individual Shapes
In addition to formatting the entire graphic with a SmartArt Style, you can format indi-
vidual shapes using Shape Styles, just as you did in Chapter 9, “Drawing and Formatting
Objects,” with drawn objects. Here’s a quick review:
1. Select a shape in a SmartArt graphic.
2. On the SmartArt Tools Format tab, select a shape style from the Shape Styles
3. (Optional) Fine-tune the style by using the Shape Fill, Shape Outline, and/or
Shape Effects buttons and their associated menus.
Manually Formatting SmartArt Text
WordArt formatting works the same in a SmartArt graphic as it does everywhere else in
PowerPoint. Use the WordArt Styles gallery and controls on the SmartArt Tools Format
tab to apply text formatting to individual shapes, or select the entire graphic to apply the
changes to all shapes at once.
Making a Shape Larger or Smaller
In some SmartArt types, it is advantageous to make certain shapes larger or smaller than
the others. For example, if you want to emphasize a certain step in a process, you can cre-
ate a SmartArt graphic where that step’s shape is larger. Then you can repeat that same
graphic on a series of slides, but with a different step in the process enlarged on each copy,
to step through the process. There are several options for this:
You can manually resize a shape by dragging its selection handles, the same as with
any other object. However, this is imprecise, and can be a problem if you want mul-
tiple shapes to be enlarged because they won’t be consistently so.
You can set a precise size for the entire SmartArt graphic by adjusting the height
and width measurements in the Size group on the SmartArt Tools Format tab, as
shown in Figure 10.22. However, if different shapes are already different sizes and
you want to resize them in proportion, this won’t help.
You can use the Larger or Smaller buttons on the Format tab to bump the sizes of
one or more shapes up or down slightly with each successive click.
Resizing the Entire SmartArt Graphic Object
When you resize the entire SmartArt object as a whole, everything within its frame
changes size proportionally. There are several ways to do this:
Drag and drop a corner selection handle on the SmartArt graphic’s outer frame.
Use the Size controls on the SmartArt Tools Format tab to enter a precise height
and width.
Right-click the outer frame of the SmartArt object and choose Size and Position.
The Format Shape task pane opens (Figure 10.23). Under the Size heading, enter a
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