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Editing in 2-D
Editing in 2-D
If you choose one of the 3-D selections from the SmartArt Style gallery, the text might
become a bit hard to read and edit when you are working with the graphic at a small zoom
percentage. There are a couple of ways around this:
Right-click a shape and choose Edit Text. The face of the shape appears in 2-D tem-
porarily, making it easier to edit the text.
Click the Edit in 2-D button on the SmartArt Tools Format tab. The entire graphic
appears in 2-D temporarily.
Even though the face of the shape appears in 2-D, which you think would make it easier to read, in some SmartArt
types and styles the text might still be fuzzy and hard to read. You might be better off editing it in the Text pane.
Changing the Shapes Used
Each SmartArt layout has its own defaults that it uses for the shapes, but you can change
these manually. On the SmartArt Tools Format tab, click Change Shape to open a palette
of shapes just like the ones you learned to work with in Chapter 9. Then click the desired
shape to apply to the selected shape. You can also access this from the right-click menu.
Each shape is individually confi gurable. If you simply select the entire graphic, the Change
Shape button is not available; you must select each shape you want to change. Hold down
the Shift key as you click on each one to be selected. Figure 10.24 shows a SmartArt
graphic that uses some different shapes.
FIGURE 10.24
You can apply different shapes within a SmartArt graphic.
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