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Chapter 11: Working with Clip Art and Photos
Working with Clip Art and Photos
Inserting clip art
Modifying clip art
Inserting photos into PowerPoint
Sizing and cropping photos
Adjusting and correcting photos
Compressing images
Exporting a photo from PowerPoint into a separate i le
Creating a photo album layout
Whether you’re putting together a slide show to display your vacation photos or adding
photos of industrial products to a business presentation, PowerPoint has the tools and
capabilities you need. In this chapter you’ll learn the ins and outs of using clip art and
photographs in a PowerPoint presentation. You’ll fi nd out how to locate, insert, and modify clip art
and how to prepare and insert photos. You’ll fi nd out how to compress pictures so they take up less
disk space and how to export pictures out of PowerPoint so you can save them separately.
Choosing Appropriate Artwork
Before we get started with the “how” of images in PowerPoint, take a moment to think about the
“why.” Don’t just use any old image! You must never use artwork simply because you can; it must be
a well-thought-out decision. Here are some tips for using artwork appropriately:
Use for fun. Use cartoonish images only if you specifi cally want to impart a lighthearted,
fun feel to your presentation.
Use one style. The clip art available from Offi includes many styles of drawings,
ranging from simple black-and-white shapes to very complex, shaded color drawings and
photographs. Try to stick with one type of image rather than bouncing among several
drawing styles.
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