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Inserting Clip Art
Use only one piece per slide. Also, do not use artwork on every slide, or it
becomes overpowering.
Avoid repetition. Don’t repeat the same artwork on more than one slide in the pre-
sentation unless you have a specifi c reason to do so.
Avoid graphics with bad news. If your message is very serious, or you are convey-
ing bad news, don’t use artwork. It looks insensitive in these situations.
Better none than bad. If you can’t fi nd artwork that is exactly right for the slide,
then don’t use any. It is better to have none than to have an inappropriate image.
Buy appropriate art. If artwork is important, and Offi doesn’t have what you
want, you can buy more. Don’t try to struggle along with the clips and images that
come with Offi ce if they aren’t meeting your needs; impressive artwork collections
are available at reasonable prices at your local computer store as well as online.
Inserting Clip Art
Clip art is pre-drawn art that comes with PowerPoint or that is available from other sources
(such as through the Internet). There are thousands of images that you can use royalty free
in your work, without having to draw your own. For example, suppose you are creating a
presentation about snow skiing equipment. Rather than hiring an artist to draw a picture of
a skier, you can use one of PowerPoint’s stock drawings of skiers and save yourself a bundle.
Being an owner of a Microsoft Offi ce product entitles you to the use the huge clip-art col-
lection that Microsoft maintains at Offi, and if you are connected to the Internet
while you are using PowerPoint, PowerPoint can automatically pull clips from that collec-
tion as easily as it can from your own hard drive.
Earlier versions of PowerPoint included robust search and management capabilities for clip
art and an application called the Clip Organizer. In contrast, PowerPoint 2013 provides only
a very basic search box for searching for clip art by keyword at Offi
You can insert clip art on a slide either with or without a content placeholder. If you use
a content placeholder, PowerPoint inserts the clip art wherever the placeholder is; if you
don’t, PowerPoint inserts the clip art at the center of the slide. (You can move it afterward,
of course.) To insert clip art into a content placeholder, click the Online Pictures icon on
the placeholder (see Figure 11.1). To insert clip art without a content placeholder, choose
Online Pictures.
Click the Online Pictures icon in a content placeholder to insert clip art into the placeholder.
Online Pictures
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